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New firmware for Samsung galaxy gear

December 29, 20130 Comments

Samsung Galaxy Gear New Firmware Released Let me explain a bit about firmware before giving the news update of the Samsung galaxy gear for which we have been waiting for a long time . So firmware , well it is a permanent software which has been embedded in the read only memory of the device […]

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Whats new in Google glasses version 2.0

December 29, 20130 Comments

Google earlier this year announced their new product which could revolutionize the way people communicate or use their devices. Google glasses is a glass which can be worn just like any other eye ware and it comes equipped with a small computer which is equipped with Android and can be used for many purposes for […]

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Top 5 android phones of 2013

December 26, 20130 Comments

  Well have you been looking out to buy an Android powered smart phone with all the exceptional features which are not there in any other phone available on the market . Then as the year is coming to an end lets talk about the best android phones of this year which one would love […]

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How to root your samsung galaxy gear

December 24, 20130 Comments

Rooting . Well it seems to be the way many of us are using nowadays to make work their devices as per our wish . I would like to acknowledge everyone once again about what is rooting . Rooting means to change your device’s theme’s appearance and many other features by which your device can […]

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Rooting advantages and disadvantages a deeper view

December 23, 20130 Comments
Rooting Benefits

  Rooting is a word which we might have surely have come across once . At least most of us . So let me explain to everyone who hasn’t come across it yet or don’t have any idea about it . Rooting is a way by which one can gain control of the devices administrative commands […]

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