Wednesday 4 May 2016
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Update Samsung Galaxy Y to Android 4.0.4 CyanogenMod 9 Firmware

For smartphones, when it comes to budget, there is nothing that beats Samsung Galaxy Y. The Samsung targeted the people who requires the low price smartphones and it became a huge hit in the market. It attracts all the smartphone users and the main thing is that it came out with Android Gingerbread 2.3. It’s a known thing that there weren’t any updates for this device. But because of the hard efforts from the XDA developer, the CyanogenMod ROM firmware is introduced for the Galaxy Y S5360 device which provides you the experience like Android ICS.
This article tells you how to update your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 with the CyanogenMod 9 firmware.


We hear-by clearly tell you that if any damage is done to your device or any part of it Android Custom Firmware is not responsible for that damage . You can,t use this steps in other device and other model only on  Samsung Galaxy Y S5360.

Galaxy Y to Android 4.0.4 CyanogenMod 9 Firmware

Prerequisite To Update Samsung Galaxy Y to Android 4.0.4 CyanogenMod 9 Firmware

  • These are very important steps and must only be followed for this phone only, if you will try this on any other you phone might get damaged or won’t start or even worse.
  • First make sure that you phone is charged at least 80% to 95% before you begin this firmware or ROM installation, otherwise your phone will get switch off in between the process of installation or the update and will cause serious or above than serious harm to your mobile Handset or any other Android Device.
  • Second Backup all your Personal Data Movies, Music, Games , Apps, Messages and even phone book in you haven’t stored your numbers in your SIM copy all your stuff in a Micro-SD card.
  • Third Check if their is tick on USB De
    bugging on your device or Mobile. If you are new to Android and Rooting by following this path Settings>> Applications>>Development>> USB Debugging. To enable USB Debugging.
  • Forth Disable all your Antivirus Applications or any other program which can cause problem in rooting.
  • Fifth and last make sure all essential drivers that are required in this process are on your computer or laptop.
  • Now you can proceed further to the installation of update, and please strictly follow the Prerequisite for a safe rooting.

Steps To Update Samsung Galaxy Y to Android 4.0.4 CyanogenMod 9 Firmware

The ICS CyanogenMod 9 firmware has to be downloaded on your computer and connect your device to the computer using original USB cable. Transfer the zip file on the sd card of your device and disconnect your device. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy Y device and enter your device into recovery mode by pressing Volume up, Home and Power button altogether.

Clear all the wiped files and caches. Now select the zip file by choosing “install zip from sd card” and select “choose zip from sd card”. Install the file and the installation takes some time, probably 10 to 20 minutes.

Once the installation completes switch on your device and boot it into the normal mode by pressing Volume up + Home + Power button. On the next screen you will get a message “installation completed”. Now you have successfully updated your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 with CyanogenMod 9 firmware. XDA developers are trying to come out with some more updates until then you can enjoy this firmware update on your Samsung Galaxy Y device.

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3 thoughts on “Update Samsung Galaxy Y to Android 4.0.4 CyanogenMod 9 Firmware

  1. manny a retone

    ilove the features of cyanogenmod 9 but it has a problem, 1/2 of the keyboard is not visible. pls.. fix it. tnx.

  2. Alfino

    why we must download the file to computer first then copy it to our android device using USB drivers? is it safe if I directly download the file to my android device? please reply as soon as possible.. thanks


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